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What's the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Windows 10? As the debate rages on, YouTube Music Downloader has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable YouTube downloaders for Windows 10. We take a look at the benefits and how to use it.

Best YouTube MP3 Downloader for Windows 10

If you're looking for the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Windows 10, then you're at the right place. YouTube Music Downloader is the app you need to download YouTube videos, convert them to MP3 and save them on your PC.

Is that legal? Absolutely!

YouTube offers a "Fair Use" license for its content. That basically means you can download and enjoy the content as long as you don't sell, reproduce, copy or use it commercially without acquiring permission from the copyright owner(s).

However, the way YouTube works, it's almost impossible to download its content. It doesn't grant browsers and most other programs the ability to download content directly from the site; of course, unless you have YouTube Music Downloader. This YouTube Downloader app lets you download videos and convert them to multiple file formats, including MP3.

Benefits of YouTube Music Downloader

YouTube Music Downloader for Win 10

Here are some reasons why this program is the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Windows 10:

- Auto-resume: if the download stops for any reason ĘC like if the internet drops or if there's an SSL error ĘC the program will resume from where it left off the next time there's a connection.

- Up-to-date with YouTube's video codec: YouTube switched from the standard H264 to VC9 WEBM, which made it hard for other video downloaders to grab and download media. Fortunately, YouTube Music Downloader can still do that in a breeze.

- Uses YouTube's latest audio codecs: in addition to changing its video standard, YouTube also switched from AAC/MP3 to the Vorbis codec for its audios. But that's not an issue if you have YouTube Music Downloader. It can install all the latest audio codecs that YouTube uses (on your PC) thus ensuring that you get the best possible audio from your YouTube downloads.

- Supports multiple audio formats: YouTube Music Downloader will convert your downloaded media from the YouTube codec to MP3. Additionally, you can opt to convert the media to a different audio format like WMA, AAC or any other preferred format.

- Easy to install and use: you can install YouTube Music Downloader on your PC in a few quick steps. It has an intuitive interface that's very simple to use.

- Downloads from other sites: alongside YouTube, this video downloader for Windows can gran files from other websites too. They include Facebook, Twitter, Daily Motion, Yahoo Video, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Revyer etc.

- Batch downloading: you can download multiple MP3 files at once.

- Auto-recognizes URL: once you copy the URL from YouTube (or any other site for that matter), this app will automatically recognize the source website. It will pick the MP3 file that you want to download and extract title of the file exactly as it is.

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How to Download YouTube MP3 with YouTube Music Downloader

Step 1: Download and install YouTube Music Downloader

Don't have YouTube Music Downloader on your PC yet? Visit the official website to download it. You can also download the executable file directly from here.

The latest version of this YouTube downloader app for Windows is version 9.9. It's 50MB in size and installs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Server. Once installation is complete, run YouTube Music Downloader.

Note: In case you're using Windows Vista or XP, you can get a version for your OS here.

Step 2: Add YouTube link

Head over to and copy the URL of the video whose MP3 you want to download.

YouTube Music Downloader

Now, on the YouTube Music Downloader interface, click on the "Add" button.

YouTube Music Downloader

It will open a dialog box where you can paste that URL.

YouTube Music Downloader

Note: you can also add a video by dragging its URL and dropping it in the "Drop Zone". This YouTube MP3 downloader will automatically retrieve that video.

Step 3: Set file format to MP3

In the dropdown menu labelled "Auto Convert To", choose MP3.

Choose Audio or MP3 format

You'll notice that there are other file format options available in case you need them. But our focus is downloading the file in MP3, therefore, we will choose that option.

Choose MP3 format

Use the "Save As" option to specify the folder in which you want to save the converted file. To do that, click on "Browse" to browse your PC to that folder.

Step 4: Start downloading MP3 file

Click on "Download" to start downloading the media. YouTube Music Downloader will first analyze the media:

Start downloading MP3 from YouTube on Win 10

and then it will start downloading it.


You'll see a progress bar indicating how far along the process is. Once it hits 100%, it will make a "ding" sound to notify you that the file has been downloaded successfully and converted to MP3. Additionally, it will automatically open the folder where the converted file is saved. Such small perks are what make this software the best YouTube MP3 downloader for Windows 10.

And in those 4 quick steps, you've successfully downloaded an MP3 from YouTube to your PC. You can now enjoy it offline.

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YouTube Music Downloader Features

  • Download YouTube Music Video to MP3 Audio for iPod, MP3 Player and Cellphone
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To AVI and WMV files and watch them offline by YouTube Music Downloader
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MOV format, then you can watch music videos on your iPod
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To MP4 format for PSP
  • Download YouTube Music Videos To 3GP files, you can watch them on your Cellphone