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YouTube is the "King" among all other video sharing platforms. It has billions of users that are growing at a much faster pace. It is noted that every new smartphone user spends at least an hour in customizing their YouTube news feed initially. An average viewer, irrespective of gender, spends 40 minutes per day watching videos on YouTube. Considering that YouTube has millions of subscribers, the average per day watch time shows that YouTube is one of the most used apps in the digital world.

Best and Worst Things About YouTube

You have to admit that non of the other video apps have reached such excellence that YouTube has attained. Along with the availability of uncountable entertaining and educational videos, some features make YouTube stand out among its peers.

- Secure usage - no virus threat in downloaded videos

- YouTube is free! (you can buy the membership plan to remove ads from the videos)

- Free view videos

- Top-notch content

- Opportunities to earn

Features mentioned above make it clear that YouTube is not going to become outdated in the current digital age anytime soon. It provides an interactive platform for the users to connect with their favorite folks. However, there a few things that annoy YouTube users.

- Clickbait videos

- No video downloads

- No built-in MP3 player

- Lack of built-in MP3 converter

- Ads and lots of ads.

Multifunctional YouTube Music Downloader - 320KBPS MP3 Converter

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No one would like to stuff their PCs with hundreds of tools each performing a single task. These days, users prefer tools and services which have multifunctional capabilities. Similarly, your YouTube Music Downloader is a high-performance multifunctional utility that can also download MP3 audio clips of your selected videos from YouTube and other sites. YouTube Music Downloader has an initiative interface, and it downloads the selected MP3s at a faster speed than other audio converters.

1. Advanced and Improved Version

Google can show you unlimited results about the MP3 audio converters, but most of us do not have the energy to try them out all. You do not have to download any low-end audio converter. Your YouTube Music Downloader's recently upgraded version is compatible with downloading videos from all the famous sites, and you can also convert videos in MP3 audio at 320 KBPS for high-quality sound effects.

2. Latest Auto Resume Feature

Start from where you stopped! It is an excellent addition that lets the users restart their pending downloads and conversions from the paused point. YouTube Music Downloader can keep your unfinished tasks save for finishing them later. On a lighter note, you do not have to face the disappointment of dropping your download at 99%.

3. Supporting Plug-ins

YouTube had recently updated its codecs, and most Windows PCs are unable to play the latest stream of Verbois MP3 videos. You can still play the Verbois based downloaded YouTube videos on Windows PC by using the YouTube Music Downloader. YouTube Music Downloader has the latest technology which fills in the technical gaps and helps in playing all kinds of downloaded videos on your Windows PC.

4. Download Videos from YouTube and 100+ Sites

YouTube Music Downloader is a multifunctional and multiplatform tool that is not limited to YouTube downloads only. You can get videos and MP3s from all the popular websites, including Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, and others. You can say that YouTube Music Downloader has all the excellent features as a downloader.

5. 100% Free of Spammed Links

YouTube Music Downloader is a professional tool that does not hit its users with malicious links. At the time of download, users can get and run the installation package of YouTube Music Downloader without worrying about the installation of the junk links.

6. Friendly Usage

YouTube Music Downloader has multiple functions, but non of them are confusing to use. Browse >Select> Download is the formula that users have to follow for downloading a video or an MP3 clip. Due to the straightforward interface of the YouTube Music Downloader first time users also find it comfortable for downloading.

YouTube Music Downloader - Download 320Kbps High Quality MP3 Tutorial

Don't be surprised by the name. Along with downloading YouTube videos, you can also get high-quality 320kbps MP3 by using these 5 steps in the YouTube Video Downloader.

1. Open your YouTube Music Downloader on your PC.

2. Copy the video URL and post it in the file box by using the Ctrl+C shortcut or mouse.

3. Set output format to MP3 Music File [Audio Only] and increase the default bitrate to 320KBPS for a high-quality MP3 file.

4. Hit the Download Button for initiating the extraction of high quality MP3 audio files.

Now enjoy and listen to your favorite songs!

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