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How to Download YouTube Videos in HQ (High Quality) MP4

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YouTube is the most robust platform for sharing videos. Youtube provides the customization option of 720, 1080, and 4K resolutions for live streaming. You can also download a few of these videos by using the YouTube app. But the videos downloaded in the YouTube app are attached to the interface of the app, and they cannot be shared truly. Moreover, videos downloaded in the YouTube app slow down the processing speed of a device. All these downloading problems can be avoided by using a video Downloader.

Tutorial for Bulk Downloading of MP4 Videos

You need a video downloader for downloading HQ videos from the internet. Many tools are available on the internet, but only a high-quality video downloader can do the job efficiently. YouTube Music Downloader is a user- friendly downloader which lets the users enjoy the offline streaming and sharing of YouTube videos. You can download HQ (High-Quality) MP4 videos from YouTube and other sites in a short time. Follow the below-given tutorial for downloading HQ videos in MP4 format.

1. Download and install the Youtube Music Downloader app from its official homepage.

2. You can browse videos from the built-in music browser in YouTube Music Downloader. Select a single or a range of your videos from the search results of the music browser.

3. Set the output category of your downloaded videos to MP4. By doing so, downloaded videos would be saved in MP4 format.

4. Once you have selected the videos from YouTube or other sites and set the output format of the videos to MP4, use the Download This Music Now button to start the download.

5. When the YouTube Music Downloader finishes the download, a beep sound notifies the user about the finished downloading task.

Note: Videos downloaded by YouTube Music Downloader are sharing-friendly, and you can share them with other devices without any issues.

YouTube Music Downloader and its Features

YouTube Music Downloader is an excellent tool that helps users download videos from different sites, including YouTube. Users can download HQ MP4 videos in their PCs by using YouTube Music Downloader. YouTube Music Downloader uses the latest technology and codecs for maintaining the quality of the downloaded videos. With all of the excellent features, the YouTube Music Downloader app occupies only 50MB in your PC, and it works smoothly at the minimum 128MB RAM.

1. Junk Free Installation

Video downloaders available for free of charge download contains malicious softwares and Adware. Malicious software access the sensitive information in your PC and Adware slows down the processing speed of a task. YouTube Music Downloader is a 100% junk-free tool. Even its free of charge does not contain spyware.

2. Easy to Use Interface

YouTube Music Downloader has all the functions you could ask in a premium quality downloader. Despite having all the useful features, it is a straightforward tool and does not require any technical knowledge. Its simple design makes it perfect for beginners level users as well. Browse Download Enjoy, that's it.

3. New Auto Resume Feature

Auto Resume function lets the user start the paused or interrupted video downloads from the interruption point. Now you do not have to restart a paused download from 0%. If your video had stopped at a 50% download point, your download would resume automatically from the paused point.

4. Latest Media Support

Popular sites like YouTube keeps on changing their codecs for high-quality user experience. Whenever such updates arrive, most free of charge stop working, or their downloaded videos, do not play. Makers of YouTube Music Downloader keep this tool in touch with recent developments.

5. Download Videos in Batches

You can run multiple tasks simultaneously in the YouTube Music Downloader. Browse the videos from the music browser and select them for downloading. However, you can also initiate a new downloading task along with the previous task in the process. Multitasking saves quite a time when it comes to downloading.

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